What? You color block your bookshelves???

There I was sitting in my book club talking about our 
latest selection "The Sisters Brothers,"
and I mention to the neat ladies in this group 
that I had a great idea last week.
I would group my books by the colors of their spines ...
 I would color block my book case. 
I thought was a brilliant idea.

I hate the paper covers on hardback books and immediately get rid of them as soon as I bring them
home.  To me, the original covers of a hardback 
book are so much nicer and look more vintage
 from a design sense. 
The paper cover seems to me to be
like a marketing brochure; 
like the outside of a cereal box.    

When I walked back into my home after our meeting, 
the sun was coming in the window and hitting 
the shelves that housed the red books.  The pinks 
and the reds were so gorgeous together.  
What a pop of color!

I am still playing with different items that will sit 
on each color shelf.  
It is still a work in progress.
The comments from the group were hysterical. 
 One friend thought this was a rather anal exercise.  
And then another friend piped up
that her English professor husband organizes his 
books by whether the author is living or dead 
and when a favorite writer dies,
he gets to change his books around again.  
I love that.  

How do you organize your books at home?

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