Stairway to Heaven

 I am just about to tackle my last major interior 
reno project for my home ... 
the stairs to the second floor.  

I tore out the old dirty runner and scraped 
most of the glue off the stairs but I was reluctant 
to either paint the steps or even
add another runner until all the reno work 
was completed upstairs.  No more 
worker dirty footsteps were wanted
and especially since the white floors are now
a reality.
 I have been collecting lots of pictures 
from blogs and pinterest to get some ideas 
of what might be fun to do.  With all the
white in the house, I am leaning towards color ... 
lots of color.
 Or even something like this ...
color and pattern.
I love pinks and reds ... 
this one looked like a lot of fun.
 The stairs are the first thing you see 
when you walk in my front
door and I would love to make a fun
statement when you enter my home.

These risers look like they are covered 
with wallpaper.  It's an idea and would be easy 
to change when
I wanted to try something new.
 Love this carpet runner.  
And, the house is white and bright
like mine.
This is sweet ....
maybe a little too sweet and delicate
for my taste but very soothing 
and quite pretty.  
Love the white floors though.

Have you tried something different on your stairs?
Are your steps natural wood, or painted
or do you have a carpet runner?

photo credits: 1. priscillamae 2.Joy Cho/Oh Joy 
5. 6.

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