Welcome .... to my foyer

This is my little foyer to my old Victorian home.  
It's very small with little room to turn around. 
I love it so much more with my new white floors. 
 They make the space feel lighter and larger.
The return air vent will have to be painted to match 
the floors and that will be completed soon enough.
The little hand painted table was one I completed 
in my last studio.  It is an old dressing table I found 
along side of the road and just had to have.  
It has been through many different paint
designs and this is just the latest until 
something else inspires me.
All the items on the table are gifts from various friends.  
The black fabric Paris box is from Bonita and 
holds all my keys, sunglasses and umbrella so I
can make an easy exit.  The little Eiffel plate was 
sent to me from Marg, a new blogging friend.  
And the pink and white roses are from Tony.
He spoils me with flowers quite often and I love it.
This is one of my favorite lithos by Itzchak Tarkay.  
I love all his ladies and the colors he uses in 
his paintings.  I attended at an art auction many, 
many years ago so that I could bid on this particular 
lithograph.  There weren't many people there that 
night and I scored this painting at a great price.  
I still feel lucky that I get to enjoy it every day 
and now it greets everyone who walks into my home.


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