My White And Bright Kitchen

Ta Da ....
White floors in my kitchen.
Gleaming, clean and highly desired item 
on my bucket list.
The pine table is now painted a creamy white 
with stainless accessories.
Thinking seriously about putting a zinc top 
on the table so that I have a something French 
in my kitchen.  I could pretend I was in a
lovely old Parisian bar.

My French armoire looks happy in my new kitchen.  
It holds my grandmother's china and 
my mother's favorite dessert plates.
The piece also holds my TV so I can watch all 
the cooking shows when I'm working in the kitchen.
With the white floors, my beautiful woman in red 
just pops over my sink with the skylight above 
raining down sunshine on her.  
Good thing she is wearing her big black hat.
Found a place under a table for my grandfather's 
old pine chest. 
Looks so lovely to me on the new white floors.  
Got lost on my old dark floors.
Still lots of little decorating to do.  Would like to change 
and coordinate the seats on my chairs but I need
some advice from you all.

Do I put a fun hit of color in the material like 
the reds and pinks in the paintings
a French burlap, linen or other soft neutral fabric 
that is oh so Parisian?
What do you think?

photos by Meg Mitchell

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