The Bride Wore Black?

It was such a beautiful Spring day in Toronto 
on Sunday that I just couldn't stay home
and continue to gaze at my new white floors.  
 I had to hit the streets with my trusty camera 
and see what new fashions lurked in the windows 
of some of the designer shops.

I always love to walk by the Vera Wang store and 
just peer between the bands of frosted glass at the meringues of tulle gracing the shop.
Why didn't they have treats like this when I got 
married a zillion years ago?
As I went from window to window with my nose 
pressed against the glass,
I finally saw it.  
The Black Wedding Dress.
I had heard about Vera taking her wedding collections 
in this direction and on The View, there she was 
on Fashion Friday showing off this new collection.
What did I think?
Black for a wedding?
It's a step into a new frontier for the wedding industry 
and I think it's a great gutsy new move 
for the Queen of Wedding dresses.
What a shock it would be to see the bride 
walking down the aisle in black.  
Would people be whispering ...
"She was quite the party girl.  How appropriate 
that she wears black."
or would they remember that wedding because 
the bride wanted to wear something different 
and make a fashion statement?
When I was packing up my worldly possessions 
to move to Toronto, I found my old wedding dress.  
There it is was in all it's lacy splendor sitting in a box 
for years after I wore the dress for only 4 hours on
that hallowed day.  What a horrible waste of money 
and then, to finally end up on a rack at Goodwill.

You might wear a black dress again for 
some fancy "do" but you would never wear 
that white wedding dress another time....
not even to your second marriage!!

Is it time that the wedding industry created 
different looks so women can wear an 
expensive dress more than once?
does tradition demand that the bride wear white?
do you not really care?

Would you wear black?

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