Using Saris For Your Home Decor Projects

priscilla mae et al
Over the years of garage sale and flea market searching,
I have a small collection of beautiful Indian saris.
I love the vibrancy of the colors and textures and
in my white home decor, a sari gives me
a wonderful hit of color.

Last week, I used my bright yellow and pink flowered
sari as a tablecloth on my dining table.
I incorporated dollar store pastel tea light holders,
my vintage pink flowered French china and a
vase of pretty yellow roses.
priscilla mae et al
On the napkins, I placed old vintage Christmas gift tags
that had a pretty red rose to pick up the roses in
the china.  I used them as table place cards.
priscilla mae et al 
Last summer I attended the Indian Festival in Toronto
and what a wonderful sight it was to see the gorgeous Indian women 
in their beautiful saris. 
priscilla mae et al
The tables at the Festival were covered in lovely saris and clothing
with more colorful jewelry to add even more bling to the dress.
Many of the saris have beautiful gold threaded designs running
through them with jewels which would be beautiful
in a home as decor accents.
babylon sisters
I love using my saris as drapes.
I use the clip curtain rings so that I have no sewing
and can use the saris in other places when I
want a change.  
Sometimes I just love a sari thrown over the
bottom of a bed like a throw for 
a little color and texture.
babylon sisters
Or as we see them in the above picture
as a canopy for your bed.
Notice the sari covered cushions...
elle decor
Nothing more beautiful to me than 
red and pink saris in a bedroom.
I would feel like an Indian princess.
vegan hippie lady
tricia fountaine
Just a lovely stack of Indian saris
would be lovely in any setting.
I wish I had this group of blue and lavender saris.
A couple of my saris have been ripped
either from a previous owner or my own mistakes
but they would be perfect candidates for cutting them
up into quilt sized pieces to make cushions.
Or, as a long pillow like the one above.

Have you ever used a sari as part of your own decor?
Most large cities have Indian neighborhoods where you can
find stores carrying thousands of gorgeous saris.  
Toronto has two Little India neighborhoods and it is so much
fun to go shopping in the area for wonderful buys
and then have a delicious lunch at an Indian restaurant.

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