In The Spring ... My Furniture Moves

 There is something about the change of seasons
that affects my home decor psyche.
Curtains come down, the rugs get rolled up,
dark pillows get put away,
and the furniture takes a trip across the room
into a new setting.

Last week, I decided to tackle my studio.
In the smaller room nook, I placed my
daybed just so I could look out the 
window as I read my magazines.
Across from the bed, I moved my
painting table so the mess wouldn't
be seen when you entered the room.
I even cleaned up my desk
 I hung my fun small paintings on the wall
in the smaller alcove so that they would
inspire me to paint.  I found my old painted
lady pillow with a boa around the edges to
decorate the daybed.
Lots of eyes on me.
When guests stop by to chat or see the
painted ladies, I have two old
garden chairs that offer just the right comfort spot
to sit and wile away the afternoon.
The west sun pours into my studio in the Spring
but when the old lilac tree outside my window gets
it's leaves and flowers, I not only get some
protection from the sun but also a beautiful fragrance.
This is my working desk where I write my blog and
pay bills and peruse the internet.
The lady pillows are watching over me so I don't
waste too much time on mahjong.

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