Saying Adieu To My Vintage Brooches

 Fifteen years ago, when I started Priscilla Mae et al,
I started collecting jewelry.  I went with the idea of just
acquiring funky as well as pretty earrings for my painted
ladies but I soon found myself drawn to the pretty brooches
worn by the church ladies in my small town.

I felt like a magpie when I visited the church bazaars and the
wonderful garage sales and saw a little sparkle coming from
a table near these wonderful older women.  They were downsizing
their lives and probably weren't wearing their lovely jewelry
as much as they once had.
Time to pass them on.

This is a lovely Coro brooch with opalescent stones
that are blue, purple, greens and even pink in the right light.
I love the shape of this pin.
 I bought this little gem from two ladies who were selling their
treasures at a country fair.  I wore this pin a lot.
It looked smashing on a jacket and has
a military style or so I think.
It is in excellent condition.
 This vintage pin also came from the same
lady at the country fair in British Columbia.
It's a gorgeous pin and also in 
great condition.
I loved placing this brooch on a 
clutch when I went out at night.
I don't remember where I bought this pin.
Isn't it lovely?
This pretty vintage brooch looks
wonderful on a black dress.
It just sparkles.

So now it is my turn
to pass these little beauties on to the
next lady who will enjoy them as
much as I have.

They are all on sale in my
on Etsy.

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