Rainy Days And Pastels In Paris...

 I have never seen so much rain.  Every day ... rain.
Doesn't matter if you live in Toronto, New York, or Main Street USA,
after all this gray, one needs a little color.
How about the soft pastels of Paris?
Like the Sacha Finelsziajn Bakery in the Marais
on the famous Rue des Rosiers?
 Or a pretty street in the Latin Quartier?
 A soft gray-turquoise store front of a Herboristerie?
 So pretty...
the color, the script of the shop name....
La Procope is one of the oldest restaurants
in the city and the one place I got
food poisoning after eating steak tartare.
I love steak tartare and that little
incident hasn't stopped me yet.
 And l'Objet qui Parle ...
rumored to be one of the best antique
stores in Paris.  Snooping around in this
cute little shop would help you forget
the wet weather.
Lovely cherry red...
or is it hot pink?
Or the Provence yellow of an
Epicurien shop in Montmartre.
 One of my favorite shops in Paris...
la nom de la rose shops are all over Paris
and you will know it by the strewn rose petals.

And no color can be as pretty as white.
I am not sure why....
but a white shop pulls me in through it's door
every time.

Do you feel better?
Ready for the new week?
And maybe some sun?

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Angelique is in front of a bistro
that specializes in Moules, 
probably like Léons Restaurant
throughout all of Paris.

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