FLEUX .. A Paris Concept Store

I loved spending more time in Haut Marais (Upper Marais) 
on this trip, especially walking along the narrow streets discovering
great new shops and interesting urban restaurants.

The 4th arrondissement has it's share of some
 wonderful concept stores. 

What is a concept store?
It is a retail store that goes beyond simply selling products 
and instead appeals to the general sense of lifestyle.  
They offer products to match the desires of those in a 
particular social scene.
i.e. urban fashion, hipster lifestyle, etc.
There it was on a wall ... DESIR.
And to the left of the sign was a most desirable window
of a shop I had not heard of ... 
or their online shop.
Colorful windows and funky merchandise pulled me into this shop.

FLEUX is quite a large shop and I had to stop at the front door
and get my bearings as there was so much to look at.  Great
pillows, wild lamps and hooks that look like dripping paint
down a wall.
Polka dot painted chests, patterned dishes and
of course, the trophy heads for the walls.
I felt I had hit the motherlode of all design products
that I have been seeing on so many blogs.
A one shop stop!
Lots of pretty paper products, lighting
and creative touches for your apartment or home.
It's modern.  It's young.  It's very urban.
But, I think there is something here for every design style.
These are the kind of products that will update a
look in a home at little cost.
Next time you are in Paris,
wander around the 4th arrondissement.
FLEUX is just one of the many great retail experiences
in this quartier and if you can't get to Paris,
visit  FLEUX's  online shop.

I love concept stores.
It's like walking into someone else's lifestyle
and seeing how it feels.
(photos by Meg Mitchell) 

Website:  www.fleux.com
39 + 52, Rue Sainte Croix de La Bretonnene
Paris 75004
Tél:  +33 1 42 78 27 20 

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop
This is Claudette.  She is one of my hand painted
pillow women and she would be a perfect fit
in the Haute Marais.  And would probably shop
at FLEUX.  

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