Spring Time At Anthropologie

 One of my favorite go-to places for inspiration
Their products are unique and have a feeling
of a handmade quality.  
If I am experiencing an art block, I grab my camera
and walk 15 minutes to my closest
Anthropologie store.

Their display ideas are the best.
Check out these lights made of wire
and covered with handmade paper in 
different places which makes for 
interesting light patterns.
 Or this vintage chair covered in a great fabric
or one could even paint their own design on a
canvas cover.
 Wouldn't these be fun on a dinner party table?
They have gorgeous flower plates as well.
 Love their necklaces.
And under the necklaces, you see what appears to
be vintage photographs?
They are the packaging for their earrings.
Great gifts..
 Or the funky linen tea towels
with a design for any kitchen.
They would also make great pillow covers.
 Take an old lamp frame and 
pile on the artificial plant fronds
and a swish of spray paint ...
 Eh Voila .... a fun and original light.
Might be pretty outside on the patio.
 Or old books cut out in shape of letters....
I love the table displays the best at Anthropologie.
Great dishes, beautiful glassware and interesting
little knick knacks for the table.
The book selection at Anthropologie is so
unique and wonderful ... books you
would never find anywhere else.

I could spend hours at my local
Anthropologie store.  The people who work there
are so friendly and although I don't show their clothing lines,
they too are quite wonderful.
Go here to visit the Anthropologie website.

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