Rain, Rain ... Go Away!

 Toronto is a pretty low key city weather-wise
but that all changed yesterday just before the
afternoon rush hour.  The storm arrived out of
nowhere.  It became incredibly dark and then the
heavens literally opened up and 124 millimeters
of rain fell on my fair city in less than 2 hours.
 The water sewers just couldn't cope with the deluge of water.
Streets in low lying areas flooded quickly .
The subway system had to be closed because of 
water rushing into the tunnels and 
shorting out the switches.  
 People were abandoning their cars, trains
and all transportation just to get out of the rising water.
Employees who worked downtown in the Financial
district didn't get home until after midnight.
There were no subways or trains and even the
airports cancelled all fights.
This lady still has a sense of humor as she
shows how deep the water was in the
GO train, our suburban train system.

I was lucky.  My area didn't have the flooding
as we are higher than the areas close to  
Lake Ontario and the Don River.
This flood is the talk of Toronto today.

It poses a number of questions ....
Infrastructure is in desperate need of
repair but tough economic times keep
pushing this priority to the back burner.
When will it be too late?

And what about this weather phenomenon?
Is it global warming?
I think so.
The challenges from this issue keep
cropping up on an accelerated basis
right across the world. 
Even Toronto is no longer immune. 

Photo credits: 1-zivanod; 2-philipeley; 3-renakins; 4-leasheroo

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