My Weekly Artist Date - Inspiration At Elte

 Too hot to take a walk today so a friend and I hopped in her
air-conditioned car and headed to home design heaven ..

It was the first time in weeks I didn't have my camera with me
but thank goodness for camera phones.  

The first thing that caught my eye in this huge store of
designer delights was this white canvas chair with
fun sketches and doodles all over it.  I would love
to try this on one of my chairs.
 It's like a sketch book or a fun journal.
 On the wall was a very large photo of a
horses's head but the photo was divided in half
and hung separately.  It looked amazing on the wall over a sofa.
This is definitely something one could do.
 ELTE had just renovated their café, so we had to give it a try.
The food was soooooo delicious
the decor was even a tad better.
The walls were painted dark charcoal, 
the floors were stained polished cement,
and the lighting was a mixture of round tin pendants,
gorgeous chandeliers, and open wire
baskets with bulbs hanging from the high ceilings.
And sitting at the tables were designers and decorators
discussing upcoming trends.
 Everywhere I go now, paper lanterns or big paper flowers
are hanging from on high.
In the old white wood warehouse setting, 
the colors and textures were wonderful.
 Right next to the big puffy paper flowers
were masses of brightly colored paper butterflies.
As the air moved in the building,
they moved with the breeze.

You could make these or
buy the colorful lanterns or flowers
in places like Chinatown.
I always think it is so important to get out
of your routine on a regular basis and
go be inspired.

It could be a fabric shop to see all the colors,
patterns and textures ...
or a walk in a beautiful garden to see
what Mother Nature has designed ....
or a walk through an ethnic part of town
to see their art, taste their food
and see their dress.

Where are you taking yourself on
your Artist Date this week?

ELTE here

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