Glorious Colors Of India

 Last weekend in Toronto
was the annual Festival Of India.
This year, I was not going to miss this colorful event.
 The Festival Of India is held on the Islands,
just a lovely ferry ride away from the harbor
of Toronto.  The ride takes about 15 minutes
and gives all the passengers a wonderful view 
of the Toronto skyline. 
 The colors of India are absolutely glorious.
This is an Indian Punch and Judy show.
Look at all the patterns in their designs.
 Everyone was dressed in beautiful saris.
 Patterns of face paint on beautiful women.
 Even the men didn't disappoint.
 Color, color everywhere.
 Even hanging from the heavens.
Lots of children and proud Dads.
At the end of the day,
festival participants headed back to the dock
to catch the next ferry back to the city,
with the CN Tower looming on the horizon. 

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Although Maggie is not a beautiful Indian woman,
she does love the rich yellows and turquoise
blues that she finds in the glorious saris.

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