A Midlife Madonna Hand Painted Pillow

When I am sitting down to design a new character for
my hand painted pillows, I think of a story and where this new
character might come from.  My first series of women were
romance novelists and Edith was loosely based on
Barbara Bradford or the way I imagined her
this most prolific novelist.

Edith is a Midlife Madonna who lives a lovely life on 
a grand estate in Sussex, England 
where she daily  walks with her corgis and dreams
 of another wonderful adventure  for her heroines. 
In between novels,  Edith likes to steal away on 
long weekends to Paris and pampers herself 
in a proper Parisian hotel. She sits at Les Deux Magots
on Blvd. St. Germain dreams about new plots
her strong heroines might find themselved
immersed in.  It is important to Edith that
her heroines overcome adversity, soar to the top
of their field and capture the perfect gentleman
who appreciates her strength of character
and her softer side as well.
This might be the kind of novel that is a
perfect summer read at the beach or in
a hammock at a cottage.  It's definitely a
"sneak to read" kind of book.
The Edith Skinni Mini Pillow is 2 1/2" X 5 1/2" in size and 
the background of this cute little pillow is a lovely pistachio.
She is wearing a cream dress with pink polka dots and on 
her head is a turquoise hat with an array of couture flowers. 
Wearing a gold button earring, Edith is a very 
sophisticated lady and would be an ideal gift for a 
fabulous "woman of a certain age."
This skinni mini pillow comes with a clear
acrylic stand so she can sit on your desk
and inspire you as you write your next novel.
And she won't take much room either.

Edith is definitely a grande dame and the quote 
on the back of the pillow fits her to a T.

The pillow comes beautifully wrapped in a clear cello bag 
with a black grosgrain ribbon and a swish of black tulle at the top. 
Could gift giving be any easier???

Edith is here in my Etsy shop. 

Priscilla Mae et al
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