Black And White Stripes - POW!

Want a little drama in your decor life?
How about a hit of black and white stripes?
 Sephora uses black and white stripes in their display
of products in their Paris stores.
Colorful objects just pop on black and white.
 I added a bold black and white stripe to a
wall in my foyer and continued it up the steps
to give my all-white home a graphic hit.
Stairs were addressed after the wall was painted.
 I love a black and white background
for an art wall.
 Black and white stripes look especially
great in a small room like a bathroom.
 If you are a little nervous with attempting such
 a large statement in your home decor,
why not start with a pillow accent?
 I have always been a fan of Mackenzie-Childs.
I love her mixture of patterns. 
The shape of this little dresser is enhanced
with the black and white stripes and patterns.
 Just a small striped section on this
Mackenzie-Childs chair pulls the
shape, design and color together.
Color with black and white stripes
is the best reason to use this design element.

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Priscilla Mae Pillows

I love using a black and white
striped shirt on my
French women pillows.

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