Claudette's A Flirt

Claudette is a flirt ... a Parisian flirt. She adores men ... all men 
and they seem to adore Claudette as well. She knows how to 
drop her eyes just so ... they think she's shy. She knows how to 
say just the right thing to make a man feel good about himself. 
 No matter where Claudette goes, she is always surrounded by men. 
 But Claudette is no shrinking violet ... 
she knows exactly the kind of man she is interested in.
There is a fun quote on the back of the pillow that reflects 
Claudette's approach to men. She knows what she wants. 
We all know a lady like this, don't we?

This is all in fun.

The hand painted Claudette pillow is 5 1/2" X 5 1/2" and 
comes with a clear acrylic stand so she can sit on your 
bedside table as you read another racy novel. 
 Claudette has 2 rhinestone earrings, one on the front and 
one on the back as well as a rhinestone dangling from her necklace.
 The hand painted part of the pillow is sewn on deep purple 
felt in the front and grey felt on the back.

You can find Claudette in my Etsy Shop here.

Priscilla Mae et al

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