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Meet Nancy.  She's one of the Queens of the Greens and was 
designed for all my friends who love to play golf.  I don't play golf.  
I feel it's rather inane to try and hit a tiny little ball into an 
equally small hole about a mile away.  I love the golf courses 
and the fun meals after the game but golf itself ....
just doesn't ring my chimes. 
 My parents were avid golfers and at dinner after one of their games, 
they would go through each hole and describe all their shots 
or lack of them.  Needless to say, none of my sibs played very 
much golf.  The overview of my parent's game sounded so boring 
but I guess you had to be there.  I did, however, love it 
when my Dad would let us hit golf balls into a field and 
then I got to go look for the lost balls.  
That was like Easter egg hunting.

  Nancy Tote
 I do, however, celebrate all the women golfers out there and so 
glad that the golf courses are opening their doors so that women 
have a chance to enjoy the game as much as men have.  I always
 think that a little sense of humor, especially with golf, is 
essential to the pressure so many avid golfers put on themselves. 
  Golfing is a wonderful way to spend a beautiful day having fun with your friends. 
 I will be posting the two other Queens of the Greens
 in later blogs but in the meantime .... 

Priscilla Mae et al
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