Weekend DIY - A Little Paint et Voila

It is almost the weekend.
They are forecasting rain yet again for the
weekend and next week.  
So what's a girl to do?

Like most of us, I am a Pinterest addict
and I was looking for a fun project that might
not take a lot of time and would give an
immediate home decor punch.

The one thing all these projects have in common
is adding a little paint by using a stencil or
even free hand and your object or
flat space will have a brand new look.
Have fun customizing these ideas to make them
your own and you won't even know that it's
This lady loves Palm Beach.
Wouldn't this be a fun color for a
dressing room?
I did this with an old lamp shade.
I wrote my favorite poem by Maya Angelou
and when I turn on my light, I get to
enjoy it again. 
My home has glass in it's doors throughout the
house.  I love this project.  It will make my
home feel so French.
If not lace on your doors,
how about your windows?
Or on a long hall in your home?
Or on your patio or deck?
 I love block printing and it seems that all the blogs
are featuring posts on designing and painting your
own fabric design.  Block printing seems so easy to me
but if you want to have more elements in your design,
stop by Poppy Talk and see a fun DIY there.
I love painted furniture and this design doesn't 
look so difficult.  You could even use a decal 
to add the Eiffel Tower.  They are everywhere
on the internet.  And when you tire of it or
change your decor ... just repaint.

Have a fun and creative weekend.
Throw on some great music, grab a
glass of wine, be brave and

Priscilla Mae Pillows

Anouk has on her artist's
beret and is ready to add a little
lace to her maison.  Instead of
grabbing a glass of wine,
she goes for a cigarette.
Tsk, tsk .. but she is

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