Gorgeous Women In Holt Renfrew Windows

I love walking around cities. 
I live in downtown Toronto and luckily have
lots of opportunities to window shop in my
hometown.  It makes my exercise regime a little
less daunting and sometimes, very interesting.

One reason I love writing a blog is that it forces me out of 
my home to open my eyes and imagination to possible new posts.  
On my daily walks, I always take my camera with me .. 
just in case I am inspired.
This post was inspired by the beautiful windows of Canada's
luxury shopping mecca .. Holt Renfrew.
Their windows were paying homage to  the movie,
The Great Gatsby.
The mannequins and the clothes were
absolutely gorgeous.
I have featured other Holt windows
here and here.
Champagne was everywhere.
Dramatic poses ... the mannequins seem to come to life.
Maybe they did after the store closed.
No detail was overlooked.
Notice the jewelry, the fur, and the wonderful hat.
As someone who paints women on pillows,
these ladies are inspiring subjects.
See how Julia Cameron's creativity advice works ... 
if you want to be inspired,
take yourself on an Artist's Date.
The only problem with window photos
is the reflection in the picture but
sometimes that can be an interesting detail
like this mannequin shot I took of a
Prada window in Paris.
Holt Renfrew has been known for having some
very beautiful windows.  The Toronto Film Festival
coming up in September always inspires wonderful venues 
for Holt's window story.  Probably because this is the
store where you will find many of the visiting
Hollywood elite.
Grab your camera and walk around your city's streets
and notice your retailers' windows.  Most stores put 
a lot of time and money into enticing you into their
stores.  It doesn't have to be fashion .... it could be
decor, gift ideas, paper products and even hardware.
What is the story they are telling that will make you
curious enough to walk through their doors?

Priscilla Mae Tote

Meet Veronica.  
She is hand painted on a canvas tote
with dotted tulle trim at the top of
the shopping tote.  The painting picks
up the art deco feeling like the windows
at Holt Renfrew.

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