Pretty Paper Garlands
 I have become totally obsessed by paper ...
Pretty Paper....
Pretty paper used in creative ways ....
like garlands.

It is not an application I would have
thought of but one day when in Anthropologie,
there in the front window was a beautiful
cascade of pastel paper sewn
together to make 
a garland waterfall.

And another creative Anthropologie use of paper to
create a garland ... ticket stubs.
Such a cool idea.
And another idea from Anthropologie ...
painted paper egg cartons.
Love this.
Little birds cut out of pretty paper
to make a Spring garland.
Hearts made from the pages 
from an old book....
Full crinkled pages make a
fuller garland with vintage seam binding
added to give this creation a little accent.
So pretty on the old fireplace mantel.
This garland looks like it was made from book pictures
 or one could use wall paper as well.
Even my sewing skills would
allow me to do a project like this.

I love Pretty Paper ... 
and I love simple projects that can
brighten a little corner of a home.
Remember the pretty little chains we use to
make at Christmas in school?  You might
even get your kids or grandkids to
help you create your own
Pretty Paper Garland.

Priscilla Mae Pillows
Edith's quote on the back of this
Skinni Mini Pillow says ...
"Live your life and
forget your age."
Make a garland ...
pretend you are a kid again.

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