Paris In Black And White

 Yesterday I worked for hours trying to redesign my blog
header and kick start a new look.  For me .... too difficult and
frustrating.  I will need a more tech savvy designer.

But, I did have fun going back through all my photos of 
past trips to Paris and I tried taking a few of them and 
making them black and white memories. 

This is one of my favorite sitting at an outside café near the
Madeleine church and across the street from the famous
Fauchon.  This lady was traveling to Paris on her own
and having a wonderful time in her own company.
I remember a number of my solo travels to Paris and
lunches were always heavenly.  Like her, I would sit for
hours with a glass of wine and a great meal and just
soak up the atmosphere.  And honestly, I was really proud
that I could travel and enjoy my trip solo.
 This is breakfast time in Paris at my favorite little
bistro just across the Seine in the 8th arrondissement.
They serve real café au laits ... tourist style.
 And this is lunch on Rue Cler just before the 
customers arrive.  I realize I am always eating in Paris.
 Love café tables and chairs in Paris,
even in black and white.
 The bouquinistas along the Seine
are always a draw for me.
 This photo came from my latest trip in May.
We were crossing the bridge from the 15th to the
16th arrondissement.  I guess this statute was pointing
out the Great Lady of this fair city.
 I remember that was a very cloudy day in Paris
but Paris is as lovely in the greys as it is in color.
I had to put this little photo in.
It's a huge hit of color.
It's me in RED hair.  
I wanted to look like a Parisian woman.
More like Colette I think.....
So here's what I say ...
when days are gray, dye your hair.

All photos by Meg Mitchell.

 Priscilla Mae Pillows

Celeste was featured in a fun
Etsy treasury on Paris this week.
That's a real vintage earring 
she is wearing.

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