Six Best Open-Air Marchés of Paris

A Luxury Travel Blog recently named the six best open-air 
marchés or markets in Paris.  I love the markets of
Paris.  They are a photographer's dream.  Where else
do you see such fresh, fresh food beautifully arranged
with colors that are absolutely remarkable.  Each
season is special at the markets.  In Spring, 
white asparagus and fresh lettuces take top billing 
and in the Fall, the market stalls are literally 
packed with all the harvest of the summer.  

There's always fresh meat and seafood along with 
wonderful selections of cheese, breads, spices and
of course, beautiful flowers.  And if you go around lunch time,
there are crepes, paella and roast chicken that would make
a most delicious picnic.  You can even get a bottle of
wine and a linen tablecloth to round 
out your picnic needs.  

If you go to Paris, the markets are a definite
must-go.  Where else do you see
Paris food at it's finest?

1.  Rue Montorguell
 On my last visit to Paris in May, I spent a good part of the day 
walking through Market Montorguell one of Paris's oldest Markets.  
It is a Street Market which means the shops have their own 
permanent stalls.  Not only can Parisians buy all their 
freshest ingredients for dinner but they can also dine 
at numerous restaurants along the street.
We enjoyed a great lunch here and watched the world
passing by.  The Market on Rue Montorguell is in the
2nd arrondissement,  very close to Les Halles.
See this post to see my day at this market.

2.  Marché D'Aligre
 This is the one selected marché I haven't been to but
will definitely be on my agenda for my next trip.  This
market is considered to be the most authentic and can be
found in the 12th arrondissement.  They are supposed to have
a wonderful olive boutique.  The prices are reasonable and
is a great opportunity to shop with the "working class
Parisian families."  As with most markets in Paris and
France, you will find trinkets, cheap clothing and
household goods along with fresh food.

3.  Rue Cler Market Street
Most times when I go to Paris, I will find an apartment
in the 7th arrondissement and one month, I lived just off of
Rue Cler.  Naturally, this market street became my go-to shopping
area for all my groceries, croissants, cheeses and flowers.  Like Rue
Montorguell, it is a market street with food shops of every specialty.
It also has the Café Du Marché which has the most incredible
huge salads and is always crowded.  Rue Cler also has frequent
flea markets on the weekend.  See this post to view
a great flea market on Rue Cler I visited in May.

4.  Marché President Wilson
This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Marché in Paris.
It is the market of the well-to-do Parisians in the 16th 
arrondissement and is on a lovely boulevard that runs up to
the Eiffel Tower.  I think I love this marché the best because
of the way the merchants display all their beautiful wares.
People watching is lots of fun here and I will be
featuring my visit to this market in an upcoming post but
have a look at this past post to get a feel of this market in
the Christmas season ... a favorite time.

5.  Le Marché des Enfants Rouges
Le Marché des Enfants Rouges is the oldest food market built in 1615.  
The translation literally means  "Market of the Red Children."  
It is in the Marais in the 3rd arrondissement.  The market is inside an
arcade and around the grocery stalls are little fast food stalls where you can
find food from all over the world for very reasonable prices.
The little restaurants buy the fresh food from the grocers and you can
watch the fresh food being delivered to the fast food restaurants 
on a "as need" basis.   Tony had middle eastern food and
I enjoyed the best hamburger with blue cheese.  Most of the
customers are young people and the place is packed at lunch time.
The little fast food stalls in Marché des Enfants Rouges.

6.  Marché Bastille
The Marché Bastille is the largest open-air market in Paris
and is very close to The Place de la Bastille.  This was the
market I visited on my first trip to Paris many, many years ago.
I had never seen anything like it.  This marché has everything.
It is very close to the Marais as well and would be a great first stop
before you head off to MERCI.  So many things to see
and do in this revived area.
In the background is the monument of the Bastille.

Most of the marchés have two days a week that they are open but
the market streets are open every day.  Some of the stores might be
closed on Mondays so it is a good idea to check this out beforehand.

If you are living in an apartment and can cook your meals or if you
would love to gather picnic goodies, the marchés are a must.
They are all a visual delight.

Photo Credit:; baketomake.wordpress;
Other photos are credit to Meg Mitchell

Priscilla Mae et al Pillows
This little Parisian girl lives and shops
at Le Marché des Enfants Rouges.
She loves living in the Marais.

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