MERCI ... Best Concept Store In Paris

 My absolute favorite store in Paris is MERCI.
It is the best example of a Concept Store that I have seen to date.
Like most things hip and cool in Paris, you must head off to
the Haut Marais or the 3rd arrondissement.  The completely
renovated space is located on a beautiful boulevard and was
the brain child of Bernard and Marie-France Cohen.
It took over 3 years to renovate the 15,000 sq. ft. property
and features the best of today's clothing and decor merchandise
as well as a snack bar and literary café.
MERCI is definitely a great example of a concept store.

That's me .... I hate taking the time to have my picture taken because
I just can't wait to get inside MERCI and see what's new.
Previous post from another visit to MERCI can be viewed.
My favorite area of the store is the decor section.  You feel like you
are in a really cool loft with all the exposed brick and beams and
the Paris sunlight shining through the old warehouse windows.

And in juxtaposition to the industrial look are the wonderful
elegant chandeliers and hanging lights over little dining vignettes.
To this chandelier, they added little pink crystals to
give it a bit of a flare.
 This lighting example was a weightier number that
looked as if the chunky balls were made of
porcelain or clay.  I loved it's
soft ivory color and the play of creams
and whites in this vignette.
 And another chandelier made with shells....
 This photo gives you a great shot of one of the home decor
spaces set up as eating spaces and hanging lights.

 There is a small corner area in MERCI that has
been a favorite of mine.  This time, they have set up a
small bedroom that features their collection of
beautiful cream and white linens.  I love the single
piece of linen over the bed as it's canopy.
The bed looks so cozy and welcoming.
 The colors of the wall and painted floor coupled with the old
French chair and linen hanging light makes for a
lovely corner.  I love how lights are
so beautifully soften by the texture of the linen material.
 The little room in it's entirety.
There is a little closet to the side with an
old rustic door.  This room feels like
one in the south of France.
 Linens were featured throughout the store; in home decor
and in their fashion shop.  I was blown away by the
gorgeous colors of linens for the bedroom.  I've never
seen such bold colors.  The stacks of colored linen on
the table are cases for pillows.
And then a table filled with linen tote bags.

I will be featuring more of my favorite shop MERCI in upcoming
blogs.  One could spend a full morning in this shop just looking at
all the latest in merchandising.  

MERCI now has an On-line Shop so if you can't
get to Paris in the next little while, you can
still have some fun looking and shopping on
their online store.
Remember ... it's in euros.

111, blvd. Beaumarchais
Metro - Saint-Sebastien-Froissart
Monday-Saturday 10-8

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop
Sold today
This is Colette and she's a St. Germainie
girl who does venture to the Right Bank
to shop at MERCI.

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