The Socialite Family .. A Peek Into Someone Else's Home

The Socialite Family...
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I love walking around a neighborhood at night
in the hopes of someone leaving their curtains open
so I can peek into their life, see how they live
but more importantly,  how they decorate their home.

The Socialite Family lets you do that.
They feature families and their homes in Paris,
NYC,  London,  LA and Elsewhere.
This is the photo that caught my eye.
I love the cluster of paper lanterns 
hanging from the tall ceiling.
Brings your eye down.
I am heading off to Chinatown
to get me some lanterns.
 This is the family that The Socialite Family featured.
Their home is in the Elsewhere category and is a
former school near the city of Nantes in France.
 The spaciousness of the former school
allows this home to have a country loft
feel with an emphasis on raw materials
as this family had intended.
 I love this inspiration wall.  
It certainly gave the owners a clear direction
in the design of their home and what
elements touched their heart.

I would love to walk into a home that had
a wall like this.  It would hold your attention for
ages and tell you so much about it's inhabitants.
 Here's another favorite space of mine ...
A paper garland sculpture, the white paper
lanterns, the rustic painted stone wall ...
all lovely textures.
So large and spacious...
Wouldn't it be fun to be a kid in this house?

If one evening or two,  you feel like being a
Peeking Tom or Tammy and it's too darn hot
outside to take a walk through your neighborhood,
stop over and visit the families of The Socialite Family
and live vicariously in Paris or London. 

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