The Artful Perspective Of Erin Rothstein

"To be an artist, you have to be extremely passionate, 
exceptionally disciplined, and
a little crazy."  Erin Rothstein

The Tasting Room Series
 I met an incredibly talented artist at the One Of A Kind Show.
I was not only taken by her artistic talent but also her business
savvy.  I thought it would be interesting to talk to Erin Rothstein
 about her perspective of the fragile balance between art and business.

I love the subject matter in your art.  
Who or what is your inspiration?

"My work uses a strictly technical style to convey unique still-life imagery
in a re-contextualized manner that aims to expand traditional genres
of art-making.  The Tasting Room Series was inspired by my passion 
for food -  how it tastes, how it is presented, and how our 
relationship with food is cultivated.  I wanted to take culinary 
aesthetics to new heights with this series, painting palatable 
treats against clean and contemporary backdrops."

Airport Series
 -At what point in your life did you decide to 
make your art your focus?

"When I was quite young, my mother would paint with me.  A talented 
artist herself, she encouraged me to use high quality paints, 
and taught me the  technical skills that I developed in my
 coming of age.  I always knew that art  would be a big part 
 of my life, but it was closer to my high school graduation 
that I decided to pursue Fine Arts academically and professionally. 
 I couldn't picture myself doing anything else."
The Tasting Room Series

 Tell me about a typical day in Erin's artful life.

"My days are typically very structured to fit the parameters of a
regular job.  I get up at 8 am, eat a good breakfast, and I'm in the
studio by 9 am.  I listen to CTV while I work, which keeps me informed and
entertained; it also helps to structure my time.  I paint for roughly
5 hours each day, and the rest of my time is spent on marketing
my work, and meeting with galleries and clients."

 Into The Fog Series
 I am most impressed with your marketing savvy in your business.
It is not a skill most artisans or even entrepreneurs have.  How do you
approach sales and marketing in the art world?  What percentage of
your time do you spend on business and marketing?

"50% of my time is devoted to marketing my business.  I approach
the marketing world with a hungry attitude, because I am eager
to make a cultural contribution.  I love networking with other artists
and art-enthusiasts.  This sort of exchange keeps my work fresh
and innovative."
Two Solitudes Series
 What is the best piece of advice you would give to a 
new artist opening their business?

"Don't go into the art world unless you live and breathe it.  I think
I have the best job in the world, but I work on overdrive to produce
pieces I love, and to sustain a business that thrives.  To be an artist,
you have to be extremely passionate., exceptionally disciplined,
and a little crazy."
 Gold and Leaf Series
What is on the horizon for both you and your art?

"I intend to keep working on The Tasting Room Series, which
generated a tremendous response at The Artist Project and The
One Of A Kind Spring Show.  I recently signed onto three more
shows this year, including The Delicious Food Show, which
will take place at The Better Living Centre (Toronto) toward the
end of Octover.  I could not be more thrilled about this

"My work is currently exhibited for sale through Art Interiors
and Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts, which are both located in the
Toronto area.  I also have plans to work on a large-scale mural
for one of Google's offices.  My long-term plan is to keep
painting,  to keep inspired, and to keep involved in the art world
around me."

Erin Rothstein is a great young Canadian talent.
Please visit her fabulous website to see all her series of
art and to sign up to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you Erin.

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