Rachel Khoo ... La Petite Anglaise

As you may have noticed, a number of my latest blogs are featuring
young, up and coming entrepreneurs.  With the economy being in such 
miserable shape, employment opportunities for young people have been
incredibly limited.  After completing their education and having paid for
both with their time and money, the only opportunities these kids are 
getting are as interns to companies.  Most are unpaid, a few with 
minimal salary and usually at the end of the internship, these kids 
are put back on the streetand another group of 
"cheap" labor is brought in.

These young people have had to become their own bosses
and are now creating a new class of entrepreneurs, not unlike the 50's.
 These young business creators are gutsy, creative and hard working ....
Here's a good example.

Rachel Khoo is an English chef who lives in Paris.  She graduated from
the famous Central Saint Martins College in fashion and design.  She
decided to move to Paris to study at Le Cordon Bleu where she earned
a Pastry degree.  Rachel worked in a cookbook store where she taught
baking classes and as a nanny to support herself when she graduated.

Here's the fun part.
Rachel decided to write a cookbook on her own and in order
to test her recipes, she set-up a Pop-Up restaurant in her miniscule Paris
apartment.  Once a week, two people who applied through social
media would pay 30 euros each to be "guinea pigs" for
Rachel's delicious meals.  The money covered the cost of the
ingredients for 3 courses and wine and gave her a chance to test
 drive her new culinary approach to French cooking.

She took her book idea back to London and met with Penguin Books
to sell them the idea of a English girl chef in Paris.
After 30 minutes, she sold the concept of the book to
Penguin and then found a production company to pitch
her idea of a television series that would be filmed in
her teeny, tiny Paris kitchen.  Rachel became known
as "la petite anglaise."
"The Little Paris Kitchen" has been a huge success/

Here's Rachel cooking in her petite Paris cuisine.
There are more on Youtube.
Watch ... they are fun.
Check out that teeny kitchen.  She uses a toaster oven
and two burners to cook her delicious meals.

Chicken Dumpling Soup
from "The Little Paris Kitchen " cookbook

These photos and instructions comes from Eat Little Bird blog,
another fabulous blog for foodies.  

I love this story of a gutsy young entrepreneur who thought 
of creative ways to develop her business and who had the 
chutzpah to just follow her dream.  Rachel still uses her 
fashion education in styling her image before the cameras. 
 She looks like Amelie to me with her signature red lips 
and vintage polka dots dresses.
Perfect package. 

Here's my interpretation of Amelié.
I sketched her while watching the movie.
Love the movie, don't you?

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