Painting Parisian Pillows

 I have been madly painting away in my studio this week.
The weather has been horrible ... rainy and snowy
but it is a great excuse for me to just relax and
create some more ladies for my Etsy shop.

My mind is on my upcoming trip to Paris and I
do love painting little French women pillows.
I have incorporated some of my new Paris ladies
with some of the new Mother's Day pillows.

This is Manon.  It's a larger pillow because on the back
of the pillow is one verse of Maya Angelou's
"Phenomenal Woman."  I love the poem ...
Maya gives a wonderful message to all women.

 This is Veronica and although she is not French,
she has a Franco attitude.
The quote on the back of this pillow says ..
"I can only please one person per day.
Today is not your day.
Tomorrow doesn't look good either."
Don't you feel like that some days?

 Hello Estelle.
Another good Mom's Day Gift.
The quote on the back of this pillow says ...
"Youth is a gift ...
Age is an art."

 Madame Chanel has been featured in some Treasuries
this week on Etsy.  Coco is always a popular pillow
in my shop.
Lots of fashionistas out there.
Her famous quote on the back says ...
"A girl must be two things ...
classy and fabulous."

 I have always loved the little structured pillows.
Their shape makes them come alive to me.
The lady on your left was the first structured pillow
I made and see sits on my bedside table. 
She is joined by Solange, a new pillow
I made last night.  She is a "woman of
a certain age."
 Anouk is a brand new Parisian lady ...  a little structured pillow.
Once in a while, I love to paint a little cigarette in my
Parisian woman's hand.  It makes her a little edgy and oh
so French.

Solange and the ladies might make lovely little gifts for your
Mom on her special day.

The quote on the back says ...
"A Mother's heart is always
with her children."
How true, how true.
These little pillows have a space under the quote
where I can add your Mom's name so
that it becomes a personalized gift.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and
let's hope we have a little sunshine soon.

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