Ellen and Portia in ELLE DECOR

Finally, the May ELLE DECOR issue has arrived at my door.   
Not sure why I am saying "finally" since it's the May issue 
coming at the first part of April.  That's service.

I had heard that Ellen DeGeneres's and Portia de Rossi's home
was being featured this month.  What I didn't know was that Ellen has
a mad passion for decorating and throws her back out on a regular
basis moving furniture around her home.
(Sounds like me ... both the furniture moving and the back.)

Portia says that she got a very thorough education in mid-20th
century French furniture within the first weeks of their dating.
One  L.A. designer says Ellen moves more often than anyone
she knows.  Ellen says, "I can only change the furniture so
much and I get bored."  She loves having new design projects.

This home is a ranch north of L.A. with multiple structures,
including 8 cabins.  The 26 acre property was previously owned
by William Powell but when Ellen and Portia bought the house,
it was a professional horse facility.  This beautiful property is next
to the Santa Monica Mountains and has lots of wildlife.

The women made numerous alterations to the property including tearing
down the main house.  "The footings were crumbling."

The look they achieved was a "feeling of country with a relaxed sophistication."
Ellen also wanted to have each of the eight cabins have a different mood.
This dining room is in the Art Barn and has a 17th century Swedish farm
table with Swedish armchairs.  I love the photograph on the wall.

This is the seating area in the Art Barn.

I love this space in the Art Barn.  A 19th century Swedish chalkboard 
hangs over  a French bluestone top table.  The walls are painted 
with Farrow & Ball'sAll White.  The heart of the ranch 
are two large barns.  The all-white Art Barn is their 
living and dining area.  The darker Romantic Barn is for
 sharing with friends and romantic dinners.

Under an old oak tree in the pasture, a pergola
shades a French military daybed and wicker sofa.

The Horse Barn is paved with rubber tiles and has various
stalls decorated for different uses.  The furniture in the
two stalls is 19th century French.

The Number 6 cabin is "very much like Belgium" and Number
8 cabin is "more contemporary."  Ellen and Portia have lived in most
of the cabins but now have moved back into Number 5 because
of it's screened-in porch and prime view of the largest rock on
the property .. "the size of a small apartment."

Ellen doesn't think she will be moving soon from this home
because this is Portia's dream house and a wonderful property
to ride her horses.  Looks like a wonderful life to me.

New Pillow:

This is the Spring version of Estelle
without her fur coat and hat.
I think we are all looking
forward to some warm weather,
even Estelle.

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