Covet Garden - Great Home Decor Magazine

One of my favorite new online design magazines is Toronto-based ..

Covet Garden's object is to feature interesting spaces that have not
been styled by interior designers and whose spaces
reflect the passion and interests of the people that live there.

Each month, they feature an interesting home as well as sourcing
great pieces that will give your space personality and interest.

This home belongs to Michael who has lived here for over 18 years.
He started his career in the fashion world making clothes but is now a
chef for a catering company making food.  And above all, he has
created a beautifully home.

Many of his collections come from flea markets and great antique
shops.  Every piece has a story.  That is what makes a home.

When Michael was in the fashion industry, he started collecting
dressmaking judies.  As women change, so do the dressmaking forms
and factory managers were anxious to get rid of their old judies.
Michael has a wonderful collection of these sought-after pieces.

This beautiful loft in Toronto is owned by Kara, an artist and jewelry
maker.  After 27 years living in New York, Kara came back
 to Toronto and fell back in love with her city. 

Her industrial loft is completely painted a warm white on the walls,
floor and ceiling and then Kara warms up the space with 
color, lovely textures and patterns.

Previously Kara lived in a large creamery in upstate NY
 and wanted a smaller space.  The loft is a corner unit and 
she loves all the natural light that pours in the windows.  
What a lovely way to set off her art and beautiful vignettes 
scattered throughout her space.

Our last Toronto home belongs to Glen and Michelle.  
Both come from a graphic arts background which is 
so evident by the lovely homemade items that 
personalize their space.  This little white cabinet 
was found at an antique store and Glen painted it white 
and added wheels to make it more special.

This house was a fixer-upper that both Glen and Michelle renovated
on their own.  They too chose a white palette but warmed up the space
with wood floors and wood counter tops in the kitchen.

This open concept home with lots of light is a perfect backdrop
for their beautiful handmade pieces and vintage/thrift finds.

You must go visit the Covet Garden website.  
Each magazine is like a guided tour into an interesting 
person's home.  After you have listened to their story
and seen their home story, you feel like you know them.
Every issue of Covet Garden gives me great
ideas to try in my own home. 

Some of these pictures came from SF Girl By Bay
which is another of my absolute favorite blogs.
Will feature them soon.

And now .......

I painted today.  I have added a
Chanel ribbon that just might 
appeal to a fashionista.
The quote on the back of the pillow
is from Coco Chanel.
"I don't do fashion..
I am fashion."

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