City Of Craft

 The day started out with snow flurries and ended up with a great 
collection of young artisans next door to me.  I live next to a most 
lovely church in Toronto and there is always something happening in
the arts in their venue. 
 Yesterday, it was the City Of Craft Show.
 The City Of Craft was started by three young Toronto artisans
who felt that the arts community in our city needed to
support independent craft businesses.  It is a community-
based craft culture where artisans do outreach to the
public with art fairs and installations.
The artisan and craft community is starting to
increase in prominence as the trend towards hand made
and one-of-a-kind products gain marketing acceptance
as opposed to the cheaper, mass-produced products
of the Walmarts, Targets and other large box stores.

 The graphics and art of Andrea Manica caught my eye.
Not only does she create beautiful artwork, but her
graphics expertise has her designing advertising materials
for companies and entertainment venues.  This was
a poster for an activity in my area.
Andrea also sells on Etsy.

I love funky little ladies like this as you most probably
know from my previous posts.  
Johanne is a graphics designer by day and a dolly-maker by night.  
The twins on the left were inspired by Tim Burton.

These illustrations were created by Taryn Gee,
illustration and portraiture.  Taryn has done
illustrations for Canada's national newspaper,
The Globe and Mail.

This illustration is called 
"Flying Hot Choco Cat with Marshmallow Cat."
Check out her website for some pretty impressive art.
Blogs are filled with young people decorating their apartments
and homes with illustrations similar to Taryn's.  Her art
was probably one of my favorite at the show.

Lee Meszaros's badges are indeed one of a kind.
What a fun approach to accessorizing a purse or clothing.
The series of hand-made merit badges is called "Be Proud" and
honor the things about ourselves, both commonly celebrated
and chastised.  Lee illustrates, silk screens, hand paints, and
hand embroiders each badge. 

 "Eau Claire" is the series of horseshoe shaped badges.
They are hand made from reclaimed suede and then
embroidered to represent small towns, grandma's garden
and smells found in an old cabin.  In the larger pendants,
Lee fills them with cedar shavings to give you a quick
hit of the country in your busy city life.

Of course, Lucas J Baker didn't have his kitchen
cabinets at the craft show but I loved this configuration of
his work when I went to visit his website.  Yes, he creates
lovely furniture but I also loved his skill in developing
cabinetry for the home.

The first group that caught my eye when I walked in
the door was WORN Fashion Journal.  They are a rather
unique fashion magazine in that they don't report on trends
or hottest items but give opinions and commentary on fashion
without worrying about advertisers' demands.
They produce a magazine twice a year; one for the summer
and one for the winter fashion season.

There were many other fine artisans at the show.
I would have loved to have taken lots of photos of the work
but it was so, so crowded.  It was difficult to get up
close and personal with the great art and it's creators.
It would seem that The City Of Craft has done
a marvelous job of promoting Canda's artistic talent. 

Priscilla Mae Pillows:

This is Anouk, a new
French woman sculptured pillow.
She is on sale in my Etsy shop.

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