Take A Look At These ETSY Shops!

ETSY had been a Godsend to many of us that create products
and art.  It has opened our market to a worldwide audience
that would never have been possible previously.  Etsy was
present at Toronto's One Of A Kind Show this past weekend.

I started my Etsy Shop in January 2008 but didn't have
the courage to actually set it up until August of that year.
Initially, I was so overwhelmed about uploading my product,
mailing internationally, and actually, running the business
from my own studio.  That changed quickly.  I still
am in awe when I send packages to Russia, Croatia,
Australia and Saudi Arabia.  Places I will never visit and
yet my pillows are now decorating someone's home
all over the world.

Here are just a few of my favorite Etsy shops.
Visit these talented artisans and admire their creations
and then go on a search of your own to find 
your favorites.  An Etsy gift is a one of a kind experience.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Chicago USA
East Coast USA
Istanbul Turkey
Philadelphia USA
United Kingdom
Paris France
San Jose USA

This is Estelle, a mature woman
from the Muses of Amour series.
She is a famous romance writer from England
and has a beautiful country house in
Sussex where she writes her epic
novels of strong women.
The quote on the back reads ...
"To love oneself is the beginning
          of a life-long romance." (Oscar Wilde)
The quote reflects her women characters.

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