Red And Black For Fall

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What am I doing talking about Fall Fashions before we even hit the official first day of summer?  It all started with The Sunday  New York Times column by Bill Cunningham. 

 Remember my post about the Bill Cunningham New York movie a couple of weeks ago?  I am now a faithful follower of this interesting fashion photographer and this week, he featured so many women in New York City wearing black in the summer.  Even with all the emphasis on color this season, do we women feel more comfortable in black?

I went shopping with my son today and we were talking to a number of people in the fashion departments and they were saying that black is back for the Fall in a big way but the other strong color for Fall/Winter is red.  I came back to the house and looked at the Fall runway shows for many of the top designers and red and black 
are indeed the predominant colors.  

Have you bought a lot of color this summer?  I'm still buying blacks, greys and whites, but I am adding pops of color with my shoes and accessories.  I'm not comfortable wearing big splashes of hot pink, or yellow or turquoise as clothing but I love the bright colored shoes this year.  One young saleswoman told me that women are hesitant to buy brightly colored clothing because it sometimes can look inexpensive.  
I sort of agree with her.  
What do you think?

So here's a brief glimpse of what's coming in fashion for the Fall.  Notice the skirt lengths and the colors and 
the hair styles.  
Diane von Furstenberg
Ralph Lauren
Proenza Schouler
BCBG Max Azria
Carolina Herrera
Marc Jacobs

I had to throw in a little curve with Marc Jacobs.  I always like his take on fashion and his collection for the Fall is filled with head to toe polka dots.  I love his little pill hats, although I won't be wearing them.  

So what do you all think?  
Will you be more comfortable in this Fall color combo as opposed to the bright colors of summer?  If Bill Cunningham were to come to Toronto or your town, would he find most of the women in their black uniforms or is the color black just a city fashion statement?

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