Last Sunday in Toronto was the Bloor/Yorkville Street Celebration.  This area in Toronto is called The Mink Mile because of the high end stores, hotels and restaurants that are part of this swanky area of Toronto.  This is the area where Mark Wahlberg has bought his new condo and where I saw Paul Haggis, the Oscar winning director,  
posing for pictures.

In the center of this Mink Mile is a brand new restaurant, 
Le Société, completely renovated to mirror the wonderful bistros of Paris.  Paris is now four blocks away from my home but rest assured, I'm not a part of the Mink Mile.  One of the hostesses showed me around the Le Société and not a cent was spared in the interiors and ambience of this most lovely restaurant.  I loved the leather banquettes and the beautiful stained glass ceiling.
The Société Restaurant is on the second floor but has a lovely terrace on street level that reminds me of an outside café in the 6th arrondissement.  The umbrellas will arrive next week and this would be a heavenly place to rest 
between shopping trips.  I am planning to have lunch here 
next week and will report on the tastings.  
The doors are hand painted art deco style and a lovely welcome to the main restaurant.
Stop ...have a drink ... relax between your trips to 
Cartier, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci or drink heavily because you spent too much money 
or wish that you could.
For one mile, all traffic was redirected and in it's place was a huge red carpet.  There were big sales in all the high end stores.  Music played throughout the mile celebration and restaurants offered samples of their delicious wares for $5.00.  There was face painting for the kids and body painting on those who had bodies that were worthy of being painted.  
A little Matisse goes a long way.
While the women shopped, the men drooled over miles of gorgeous cars like classic Porsches, Bentleys, Maseratis, and other swanky cars that I just don't relate to.  It was brilliant marketing for a day when families were out 
celebrating Father's Day.  

It was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  
Wonder what this weekend will bring??
Have a good one everyone.

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