Have you seen Bill Cunningham New York?  

I know the movie is not playing in many movie theatres and this makes it a little difficult to go see the movie but
 if you can find it ... GO.  
If you love fashion ... it's a must SEE.  
If you love to be inspired by a person with incredible passion ... it's a definite must EXPERIENCE.  
If you think that age prohibits you to enjoy incredible opportunities ... 
this movie may CHANGE your mind.
This is Bill Cunningham who is 80+ on his trusty bike that he rides all over New York each day and night looking for outstanding street fashion that he will include in his New York Times column.  Bill was there before The Satorialist.  Bill was there before all the bloggers about fashion.  He is one of the only photographers who is given a front row seat at all the fashion shows in Paris, New York and the world.  Bill is an institution.
Bill stands on corners of the streets of New York and photographs interesting fashion statements worn by the women and men of New York City.  He's invited to all the major galas in NYC where he photographs the women and men in all their formal attire.
Bill use to live in the apartments that were above Carnegie Hall in a very small space that was filled to the rafters with file cabinets stuffed with all his photographs.  He sleeps on a small cot wedged in between cabinets and book shelves.  His bike is stored in a janitor's closet in the hall.  
He only needs what he loves.
This is one of Bill's favorite male subjects who is quite an interesting fashion statement ... but Bill thinks that looking at edgy fashion is what gives fashion designers their inspirations.  You will enjoy meeting some of Bill's quirky inspirations.
Anna Wintour of Vogue Magazine is a huge fan of Bill Cunningham and has known him for many, many years.  He has such an eye for fashion that she considers Bill to be so influential in the world of fashion and design.
There are wonderful stories of Bill and the interesting people that make up his world.  I loved the quirky people the movie featured and no matter their age or happenstance, these are people who are totally enthralled with their lives and their passions.  And the fashion ... what eye candy!

What a wonderful movie.  Go to the movie, or rent it when it comes out on DVD or your local cable movie channel.

Have any of you seen Bill Cunningham New York?
What did you think?
Did your heart fill up watching a man in his 80's 
filled with more passion and energy 
than a person less than half his age? 

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