I love reading magazines and blogs collecting pictures that just touch my heart.  I take big piles of mags out with me to the garden and I just sit and read and pull out pictures with different elements I might like to try in my home.  
This picture is about the white harvest table that I 
would give my eyeteeth to have.  
Just white simplicity.
And this table with the shelf to hold those wonderful quilts in those soft luscious colors .... oh my.  And how do they know what and how to place all those interesting items on top of the table?  I try that and it looks like I have emptied out my cabinets and placed everything on top.  I know you have to have different heights and textures and some reflection ..... but where do you get a crown?
I'm still trying to decide what color to paint my back splash in my kitchen.  There are some similarities in this kitchen 
to mine .... white cabinets and black counters with stainless steel appliances.  I want to have a hit of color but I just have to find the color that will speak to me.
These doors would be perfect in my bedroom.  I need something with this texture and soft colors to close off the entrance to my closets and bathroom.  
So pretty .... so French.

This weekend is supposed to be a beautiful one and I just bought a stack of new magazines to leaf through and continuing dreaming.  
Happy Weekend Everyone.

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