Colorful Decor of India

For the past week, the Bollywood International Indian Film Awards was 
held in Toronto.  This is the Academy Awards for Bollywood films and the 
first time,  it was held outside of India.  Of course, Toronto got into step to 
celebrate not only Bollywood films but also Indian culture.  

I have always had a very soft spot for the beautiful colors of this lovely 
country and with color so prominent in today's home decor, I thought it 
would be fun to take you on a field trip through homes that have used 
these colors and the lovely stores where you can purchase some beautiful 
accents for your home if these rooms have a little more color than you
think you could live with in your home.   
But aren't they beautiful?
Now here's that wonderful color that I've been contemplating painting 
my bedroom.   I would also love to have that special star light fixture 
hanging over my bed.  I'm a little tired of chandeliers at the moment.  Of course, 
you would want to be sure that the fixture was secure to the ceiling or 
you might wake up one morning impaled by the star.
  The rugs on the white floor... lovely! 
  I also love being able to see the different colors of the painted 
rooms throughout the house.  
So exotic.
I  also love the use of gold in their decor ....  just that little bit of sparkle 
that every home needs.  The prettiest saris all have gold threads woven
 into the silks and the different textures and contrasts 
are breathtaking.  That same design element is used within their home. 

These pictures were taken from an ELLE DECOR magazine article called
 "A Passage to India" published in April 2005 that I had saved because 
it is one of my favorite issues.  They are now showing the same 
colorful room designs this year 
in the decor magazines.  

My next blog post will take you to Little India in Toronto to visit some 
of the shops where you can buy gorgeous saris, wall hangings and pillow 
covers to use in your own home decor and the prices for this shot of 
color and sparkle is so affordable.

 What a wonderful way to bring 
a beautiful piece of the world into your own home.

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