KD Lang Gives A Free Concert

 The one great thing about living in Toronto during the summer is that you never know what exciting event may be happening each day somewhere in this great people city.  We are enjoying Luminato which is a celebration of all the arts in Toronto.  There are wonderful events in theatre, architecture, opera, music, literature, dance and the visual arts all over the city and many of those presentations are free.

On Friday night, KD Lang and her Siss Bang Boom band were in Toronto to give a free concert in the park in the heart of downtown.  I've have always loved KD Lang's voice and her music and I was so excited to have 
a chance to see her live.
It was great fun to see a concert in among the downtown tall buildings and the acoustics were quite good.  A huge crowd showed up for the concert.  Most of us loved hearing KD sing her most popular hits but it was the songs from her album, 49th Parallel that brought the crowd to wild attention.  
Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" has always been one of my favorite 
and is a great song to hear the beautiful clarity of KD's voice.  
That was a thrill for me.
Although I was standing towards the rear of the crowd, the jumbo screen allowed us to see the stage as if we were up front.  These pictures are taken from the jumbo screen next to the stage.  

What a great way to welcome summer to the city in Toronto.  If you are looking for a great way to spend a holiday in a city, consider coming to our international city.  This week is the Bollywood Film Awards (first time held outside of India) and the colorful colors of India are everywhere.  Next week is Pride Week which is always a big celebration in Toronto with lots of parties and parades and characters galore.  Come to Toronto.

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