Colorful LIttle India

Last Saturday, I went to Little India in Toronto.  It was an overcast day but 
as soon as the streetcar came to this special area, the surroundings brighten up!  
Unbelievable color everywhere.

One of favorite shops in LIttle India is a home decor shop called Rang.  
Rang is the Hindi word for color ... and that's what this store is all about.  
To add a splash of India color to your home, Rang has beautiful silk cushions, 
ethnic furniture, authentic paintings and luscious fabrics from all over India.  
My heart stopped when I walked into this beautiful shop.
The cushions were absolutely gorgeous and the owner, Trish Mahtani, 
had set up beautiful vignettes throughout her shop to show you how you 
could use the merchandise in your own home.  The prices were very affordable 
which made the shopping all the more fun.  The embellishments on the 
pillows and other fabrics were exquisite and 
I can only assume, were hand done.  
The photograph doesn't show how beautiful the colors and handwork are 
in this lovely fabric that could be used as a wall hanging behind your bed 
or as a table covering in your home.  

A trip to Rang is a must if you live in Toronto or go online to their website 
and order directly from their store. 
 What a feast for the eye.
Continuing down Gerrard Street in LIttle India is a walk through a rainbow.  
This little shop had racks of clothes that just oozed beautiful color.  
Oh my goodness ... my heart kept skipping beats.
I loved this shop.  There were all kinds of figurines and statues and
 Indian items that could be used in your home for a hit of color and fun.  
There were door beads in all colors.  I've always thought having door beads 
to walk through would be so much fun, especially if they were colorful.  
I love to hear the sounds of the beads as they click together 
as you pass through them.
And what would Little India be without the wonderful stores filled with saris. 
 I love going to the Indian sari shops.  The handmade ornamented saris 
are breathtaking.  There are also so many saris that are not as 
elaborate that are inexpensive.  I love using these saris as curtains or 
wrapping a chair for a hit of color in a room.  

If you can't paint an entire room in a gorgeous color as you saw in my 
previous post, adding a hit of color with a cushion or two, a sari curtain 
or as a bed throw might be just the ticket.

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