It was a dreary day in Paris, not unlike the kind of weather we have been having lately in Niagara. I had one day left in Paris and I was worried that the weather might hamper my photo opportunities. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed how the gold in my pictures just popped. What an unexpected surprise.

This beautiful sculpture enhances my favorite bridge, the Pont Royal. The contrast of the two metals is exquisite and that rainy day, the gold on the bridge was even more prominent.
Louis Vuitton's windows used gold balloon letters to show the richness of it's newest bags and luggage. Of course, having a little gold in your coffers is a necessity to enjoying LV's latest uptake in fashion.
That day, the gold at the top of the 3,200 year old obelisk in the center of the Place de la Concorde, was luminous. It seems that most all celebrations culminate around this point as they parade down the Champs-Elysees. At the end of the Tour de France, you will see the cyclists circle around the obelisk as they complete their final laps.
Feast your eyes on this vintage gold Dior necklace. Wouldn't this little bauble look absolutely smashing with a white summer "cut down to there" dress?
These are the gates to the Petit Palais which housed the exhibition for the Yves Saint Laurent show. The wait to get into the Palais was quite long and it was starting to rain. UGH.... I have no patience for standing in line for anything!
"Onward," I said to my friend, "to the BEST people watching cafe in Paris where we can sit out under an umbrella and see what stylish Parisian women are wearing in the rain."
You know, it's important for North American women to see all the various styles of trench coats that are worn in Paris. Unbelievable. It's just part of the uniform for a well-dressed Parisian woman.

Now, some femmes de Paris prefer a brighter trench that will enhance her lovely red tresses.
And to the Parisian woman with the bright red hair, "Next to a trench coat,
confidence is the most important accessory."
And this is one of my newest French "golden" girls. I haven't named her as yet. I need to do so very quickly as I would love to put her up in my Etsy shop. I need some suggestions from you all. Think about it. What would you call her?

My next post will be NAME THE PRISCILLA MAE LADY. She has to be French. But, where is she from in France and what does she do?

I'll be back on Thursday with more pictures of her to hopefully inspire you. And the person with the best French name and little bio to go with the name will WIN a hand painted sunglasses case.

All photos taken by Meg Mitchell

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