Ralph Lauren's New St Germain Store

Visiting Ralph Lauren's newest store on Boulevard St. Germain was probably one of the highlights of my trip to Paris. When I was visited Paris last October, my little apartment was just around the corner from this store but it was completely boarded up because this 18th century townhouse was being totally renovated. It took 4 years to fully restore the building. When I was in Paris last week, I got the opportunity to see what all the fuss was about. This flagship store is breathtaking!
This is an artist sketch of the new store which is now the largest Ralph Lauren retail space in Europe. The sketch is lovely but it doesn't do the building justice. The store has 6 floors of retail space with parquet floors and timbered ceilings.
As you stroll through the arcade between the two parts of the Ralph Lauren store, you glance towards the back of the entry and you see a beautiful courtyard that is the new restaurant simply called "Ralph's." There is no mistake that the Lauren touch is on every aspect of this restaurant. The cushions on the settee and chairs are all Ralph Lauren prints.

Isn't this room beautiful? This chic restaurant is in the old stables of the restored building. Ralph's wants to serve the best burgers and brunch in the city. I didn't know that when I was in Paris this time but I wish I had. For some reason, hamburgers and cheeseburgers in Paris are so incredibly delicious. Is it the meat, the creamy cheeses, the famous bread or is it just Paris? Ralph's is definitely on my "to do" list for my next trip.
The beautiful details are everywhere in this store. The displays, the furniture, the decor and the clothes were the ultimate eye candy.
Surprises were around every corner. My friend and I were so taken with the lovely women's fashions. I've always loved Ralph Lauren because his women's style of clothing is so feminine and pretty. There is a certain nostalgia in the clothing of this designer and it appeals to men and women of all ages.

I think that this might have been my favorite room. I would have liked to imagine this room as my bedroom. but that's wishful dreaming. The chandelier, the chairs and the settee with the soft mohair pillows and all the beautiful details of the mouldings and painted friezes coupled with the stylish clothing was a lot to absorb. I found that I just had to stand in each room for a while just to take it all in.

The old wooden canoe on the ceiling is so Ralph Lauren. It's a little touch of Americana in Paris. Even the clothes take you back to the Gatsby era.
The long dresses in the shop windows were silvery, glittery and oh so sexy. Ralph Lauren is celebrating his 40th year in business and at this rate, we hope he will be around for 40 more. Most of us have enjoyed the fashions and home decor stylings of Mr. Lauren for years. He's always been a favorite of mine and I'm glad to see him coming back with a vengeance with this jewel in the crown.

If you are in Paris, make sure 173 Boulevard Saint Germain is on your agenda and have a hamburger at Ralph's please and then let me know if it's one of the best burgers you've ever had anywhere.

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