"Hello. My name is ....... ; oh I forgot. I don't have a name as yet?"

"Could you help Meg give me a name and a bit of an identity? The only thing I know about myself at this point is that I am French. You can take it from there."
"Who could I be? Could I be a French Country woman living in Provence or am I better suited to the exciting city life in Paris? Do I shop at the brocante (flea markets) to find beautiful French antiques for my lovely little shop in the Marais or am I a stylist for Vogue Paris? Or do I live in Grasse where I am perfumeur for Fragonard, the famous perfume manufacturer? Or could I be the wife of a French diplomat?"

This is just a little contest to come up with a name for this woman and where you think she may live and what she does. Just a couple of sentences left in the Comment section and I'll develop a story and a quote for the back of the pillow from the most interesting suggestion.

These names have been used on my other French women pillows:
Simone, Angelique, Colette, Fifi, Garance Claudette, Manon, Solange, and Isabella.

So, please come up with a different French name that you think fits this lady with the turquoise earring.

Come up with the best suggestion of a name & a quick bio of her and you could win:

A hand painted sunglass case
of Katharine, the great dame from New York City.

The quote on the back of the case is:
"When I'm good, I'm very, very good,
but when I'm bad, I'm better." (Mae West)

Please fill in a comment below by this Saturday (June 26) midnight E.S.T. and the winner will be announced on Sunday morning.

Merci beaucoup.

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