I got up early one Sunday morning in Paris so I could photograph this beautiful city waking up. It was very early as I ran over to the Rue de Montaigne so I could get pictures of the designers' store windows before their crackerjack security guards were on duty. I was pumped. There it was in front of me .... another beautiful Chanel window. I poised my camera and pushed the button and damn....... I left the charged battery back at the apartment!!!!

I ran back to the apartment, totally peeved but on the way home, I passed a real estate office with pictures of French chateaus for sale. It was kismet. They were calling my name. It was meant to be. I love decorating my home and this would be my ultimate challenge ..... 100 rooms. Oh be still my heart. There I was at 7 a.m. engaged in "le leche vitrine" which is French for "licking the windows."
You just can't have enough blue chateaus. This little "home away from home" is in Calais.
Notice the moat? You would save on security systems. Interested?
Or how about this petite chateau? It is called "Jura." You might need a lot of euro for "Jura."
Now here's the little piece de la resistance. A little fixer upper. Check the tower out. Husbands, children, employers .... anyone who is a problem, you could banish them to the tower. Ooooh ... such potential. And with the Euro falling .... this deal gets better every day.

So, dream along with me. Which chateau would you buy?

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