I was thrilled when Dora Ficher asked if she could feature me in her lovely artistic blog, Dora Ficher Art Blog. In the interview, Dora asked me questions like:

1. You describe your life now as a "Window of Self Discovery."
What does that mean to you now?

2. What are your dreams as a "woman of a certain age?"

3. How do you get your inspirations?

4. What inspired the name of your art company, "Priscilla Mae et al.?"

To read the interview and see photos of "the girls",

Who is Dora Ficher?

Dora is an accomplished painter who now lives in Philadelphia but originally comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She's an artist, who as she says is "currently enthralled with encaustic painting" but has the right to change her interests at any time.

The painting below is one of my favorite works of Dora's. To see more of her work, please visit her blog and her Etsy Shop and sit back with a glass of wine and just enjoy the visual feast.
Thank you Dora.
@Dora Ficher Art 2010 "Entrance" Mixed media Encaustic 12x12

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