What incredible entries for "Name the Lady." I couldn't do it. So, I invited family and friends to a Sunday brunch, placed the pillow of the lady as a centerpiece and let them get use to her as they ate their quiche, tourtiere, deviled eggs, sweet rolls and fresh raspberries. Okay, it was a bribe, but I wanted them to be fat and sassy and open to choosing a winner for me.

I put my laptop on the table in front of them with all the comments and left the room as they discussed your suggestions among themselves. It took some time and there were 3 shortlist entries that caught their imagination as they gazed upon the pillow but felt that all of you were worthy contenders.

They announced that the winner to be Funky Baby Nation. Funky Baby named the pillow Honorée Beauregard. She is a wife of a diplomat who volunteers her time to work with children in need as she doesn't have children of her own. Honorée has lovely attributes that make her a very special lady. I will be contacting Funky Baby and sending her the Katharine Eyeglass Case.

I will take these details and work up a more complete story for the new Honorée and post this new personality in my Etsy shop.

Thank you to all who participated. Your imaginations and creativity were astounding and I so appreciate your taking the time to write your ideas.

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