I was at the post office this morning mailing packages to my Etsy customers. When I checked my mailbox, there was a package notice. I wasn't expecting anything.
I opened the package and there was a beautiful vintage book with the title "Cat Angels" on the spine and the loveliest hand painted picture of a dear cat angel. This beautiful gift was from Sandy Mastroni, one of my favorite artisans and an incredible soul.

Two weeks ago Monday, my dear cat Johnson died. I picked up this lovely gift from the post office the same hour that Johnson died two weeks ago. Do you believe in karma? Sandy's thoughtfulness couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. I got back on my bike to pedal home with tears of sadness and gratefulness.
This was the message inside the book. From Johnson through Sandy to me.
Sandy Mastroni is an incredibly creative folk artist. I love her little quirky girls and cats. These are the group I have collected so far. All of them are on my inspiration board over my desk because they make me laugh. The little girl with pigtails in the middle I call "Joy."

Thank you Sandy. I will never forget your thoughtfulness. I will hang my little "cat angel" in a very special place to remind me of my dear old friend Johnson and a lovely artisan and new friend named Sandy.

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