I received notice yesterday that I had won a Giveaway from a lovely blog called French Charmed. Chelle, the author of this beguiling blog, put together an incredible collection of beautiful vintage items. One of those items was a ............
TIARA!!! Every woman needs a tiara.

Haven't we've been Countess of No Time Left For You? Or, Diva of the Wild Garden? Or even Princess of the Pots and Pans?

We are Queens of our Domain. We just need to treat ourselves a little bit special once in a while. Put your tiara on and immediately, the power of the rhinestones will empower you to sit down with your feet up with a bowl of bonbons at your fingertips while you sit and just enjoy your day. The power of the tiara will remind you how special you should treat yourself.
I can't wait to get my stash of goodies from French Charmed so that I can don my tiara and become ....... WONDER WOMAN.

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