Spring is here and it's time to rearrange my furniture.
I love change in my home which is the reason I will probably never finish the house. There is nothing quite so thrilling as viewing my living space from a different perspective.
This weekend, I was at it again.

This is my living room. I added this room to my very old and dark home. I needed light. Because I love old marble and couldn't afford it, I add linoleum tiles in 3 colors for the floors to simulate the stone feeling. I didn't add any polish to the tiles because I like a flat sheen. The tiles are haphazardly put down because I hate conformity.

All the wooden furniture is from yard sales and junk shops. Most were in pretty poor shape but with a little sanding and lots of white paint, voila! The coffee table is an old kitchen table that I cut off part of it's legs so that I could do projects when I was sitting in my living room.

I painted some large flowered pillows to give a pop of color and found some vintage fabric from my stash for some pattern. This spring, my colors are reds, pinks and whites.

I love the old judie in the background. I found it at a yard sale but it was covered with this grungy material which I immediately tore off and found the most luscious covering underneath. It's a male judie but if it's male, do you call it a judie?

In the summer, I spend most of my time on my screened-in porch just off of the living room. I added this room to remind me of my home in Maryland. I love to sleep there on a hot night. Beautiful breezes and no bugs. Ah, home.....

Do you make changes to your home in the Spring? What do you do?

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