Nothing is more Parisian than Sunday in the park. That is the day the French spend with their families and enjoy a lovely Sunday dinner and time in the open air, especially if it is Spring. No matter when I go to Paris, I always make time to go to the Luxembourg Gardens and sit at the cafe with a glass of wine and just enjoy all the activities around me.

This year, my good friend Bonita joined me in Paris and I had to show her the Park on a Sunday. We had a most delicious lunch at the beautiful cafe under the trees. I am not a big fan of meat but I decided to have a cheeseburger French style. Oh my gosh.... the cheese was the creamiest Cheddar with a touch of pimento and a sauce that was out of this world. The hamburger was secondary. And the frites???? Save the Queen.

This lovely picture was on the placemat at the cafe in the park.

Okay, I know I should have taken more pictures but I was into sipping my wine and enjoying my conversation with Bonita. The French have the right idea about Sundays. Food, families and fun are the main fare for their day of rest.

The French people have impeccable manners and this thoughtfulness is taught at a very early age. For instance, a little boy's ball rolled near our table and he came up to us and said, "I am so sorry mes dames that my ball rolled near your table and disturbed you." The little boy was about 5 years old. Bonita and I thought we would melt. This formality and respect that the French show each other is one of their most charming attributes.

Every Sunday, there is entertainment in the Park and this month it was "Mime en Mai." As you can see, two young women are dressed as Frida and acting out a little skit about the famous painter and her art.
A film was being made in another corner of the Park and here you see two actors dressed in the style of the 1920's. What an incredible backdrop.
There are chairs everywhere for the people to either sit in the sun or under a shade tree. These chairs are quite comfortable and if you are lucky to come on a day with less crowds, you can pull 2 chairs together and stretch out and have a little nap.

This picture is one I took last October when I was lucky to experience Paris in the Fall. Whatever the season, my favorite park will always be Luxembourg Gardens.

If you have been to Paris, what is your favorite park and activity on a Sunday afternoon?

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