I am home from Paris now but I have to show you my home in Paris. This was the most beautiful apartment I have ever stayed in on any trip in my life. When I turned 60, I decided I was going to spoil myself. Every year, I make a list of all the things I want to experience that year and decide how I am going to accomplish it. When I know what I want to do, I can make a clearer decision on how to spend my money and this year, I wanted to spoil myself for my birthday and stay in a lovely apartment in Paris.

Paris Perfect offers luxury rental apartments in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, most of which have a view of the Eiffel Tower. The apartments are beautifully designed with all the special touches that say Paris. Every little detail to make your stay in Paris memorable is considered and the apartment is incredibly well-equipped. I even had an espresso machine so that I could make my own cafe au lait along with the exquisite croissants that I bought from the patisserie next to my apartment building.
This is my dining area that overlooks one of my favorite streets in Paris ... Rue St. Dominique. I love the 7th arrondissement because it is like living in a neighborhood in Paris. My favorite little grocery store was a half block away where I picked up milk, butter and other essentials like wine at such incredibly low prices. One night, my friend Bonita and I picked up a lovely rose wine for 3.50 euros and the most creamy soft cheese for 2.95 euros coupled with a fresh baguette still warm from the oven and had a tasty bite before our later dinner. We thought we had died and gone to heaven.
This sofa bed pulls out into 2 separate beds or can be pushed together to make a queen sized bed and it's comfortable! Because the spaces in Paris apartments are generally smaller than in North America, so much thought is given to storage and unique furniture that serves more than one purpose. You generally live with less "stuff" because one has to rationalize what few things are more important to have in a smaller environment. The French don't seem to be the consumers that we are in North America. That's a good thing.
Okay, this bed had me at "the roses." My bedroom overlooked a courtyard and that had it's good and bad points. The good points .... there was a restaurant 4 floors below that sent up the most incredible aromas of the dinners being prepared for that evening and in the morning, the little patisserie woke me up with the baking of the fresh baguettes. The not so great thing is the noise on some occasions. The Parisians seem to love to entertain at home and dinner is generally served much later in the evening. What fun they have into the wee hours of the morning any day of the week. You know, I wouldn't have minded the noise if I could have been included in the fun.
Bathrooms are small but again, well considered. I'm not one that needs a large bathroom. I'd rather spend my time out enjoying the wonderful city.
I loved this little kitchen. I've never seen a small space so well planned and it even had a larger refrigerator, freezer and a dishwasher. The people at Paris Perfect have to be commended on providing a kitchen incredibly well equipped. I did cook at home on a couple of nights after I had been to the markets to buy my fresh food. If you haven't tasted a warm fresh tomato like we use to buy before hot house tomatoes or the lovely fingerling potatoes or a piece of chicken without hormones that plump it up beyond recognition, then you have to try cooking your own meal in Paris. Then you understand why food is so important to this culture.
This is the outside of my apartment building. I have always dreamed of having a house with windows that open up and let the air and city in. Couple that with lovely wrought iron railings that are different on each building and you will understand why I'm mad about Paris apartments.
I am a chandelier junkie and this apartment had 2 lovely specimens to behold. This one was my favorite with the roses and vines but ....
this chandelier was a very close second dripping with large crystals and dark metal. It's all in the details, n'est-ce pas?

Spoil yourself once in your life and enjoy a wonderful holiday with Paris Perfect Apartments. Thank you to Madelyn and her staff who made my stay in Paris such a lovely experience and a special thank you for the lovely birthday surprises.

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